The Consequence of Comfort


We have yet to see what we shall be.  Growth occurs whether we are mentally prepared or not.  There is a certain level of wisdom, understanding, power, and absolution that we obtain in each phase of our growth.  One environment may only be appropriate for your level of development for a season.  As embryos and fetuses, we can only survive in the womb for a certain period of time.

There comes a point when the environment you are in no longer provides what you need to survive.  You’ve outgrown it, it’s uncomfortable, and does not fit any longer.  The environment can also become dangerous and uninhabitable, causing conditions that are unsuitable for growth.  What am I saying?  That there will occur a time when you will either make your way out on your own or an event will take place that will force you out of your current comfort zone.  Sometimes your place of comfort can become the place where you no longer desire to grow!  But on the other hand, your place of comfort was designed to allow you time to grow and be strengthened and fed for the journey ahead.

I have given birth to three sons.  Each of them had circumstances occur in their embryonic state that would effect them down the line.  My first son was a week past due and eventually began to make his way out of the womb.  However, during the laboring process, his heart rate began to show signs of distress.  I developed an infection which caused me to have a fever.  These elements by themselves might not be so bad; but together, the body that just a few short hours before provided a safe haven for nine months had quickly become an unsuitable environment for my son to survive!  To wait on the environmental conditions to change would be detrimental to his survival and mine!  My Lord!  There are some of us that are waiting on our situation and the environment around us to change when in fact God is using the situation to change us!

A decision had to be made on whether to wait for me to reach optimal dilation and him to come out with time or to go in and extract him via c-section! In order to ensure his safety our plans had to change. Where he had been living safely for 41 weeks, had now become an unstable and unsure situation.  What is most fascinating is that while we get comfortable and stay beyond our date of delivery, the bigger we become.  We don’t stop growing and eventually outgrow that space!  My son was essentially too big to pass through without causing damage!  Have you outgrown some areas or people in your life?    Have you ever seen someone who has outgrown their current space and is causing damage because of their inability to move on?

There are some of us that have outgrown where we are and we are causing damage on our slow process of transitioning out!  Our inability to leap when our due date came…to get out of when God said go the first time…has now put us in a position to damage some things on our way out this time.

Just because you stayed doesn’t mean that things stayed the same.  You gained more weight, grew some inches, got hurt along the way.  Some of those that started with you left you.  There were some that told you to stay due to their insecurities and they used your being stuck as crutch to feel good about themselves.

Change and growth can be scary, uncertain, and definitely uncomfortable.  But it happens whether we are a willing participant or not.  Those of you reading this that are at the crossroads of change and growth, I encourage you to make the first steps to push yourself into the next journey!  You are designed to do it and your dream, your purpose, your future is depending on you!  Never apologize for growing up.

Being pressed, it grows!


Be blessed y’all!


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