Let Go & Survive!

Surviving often requires hanging on...but many times it depends on us letting go!  We have to know when to let go!  Sometimes holding on causes more damage than just letting go! Imagine hanging on to a rope that is wrapped around your hand tightly.  The harder you hang on and grip the rope, the more... Continue Reading →

The Breakup

The first real breakup that I experienced, was tough.  Although in reality, I was super young, both in age and thought process, and had no clue the various breakups that would follow, the first one hurt.  Arguably, the first breakup hurt more due to the feeling of failure than the loss of love.  And if... Continue Reading →

Words of Mass Destruction

  There is the old grade school rhyme that says "sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me".  Then there's "I'm rubber and you're glue, whatever you say bounces off of me and sticks to you".  As kids, we pretty much managed to survive any school age social issues using... Continue Reading →

Tearing Away Toxicity

  Thinking back on the manner in which life has been unfolding, it has occurred to me on several occasions that there have been instances where there were some toxic areas developing in my life.  This may seem very obtuse when you begin to think about it yourself, but in reality, there are some habits,... Continue Reading →

The Residue of Rejection

  I get it.  We all have felt unwanted at some point.  We all have felt like an option, had our hearts broken, and felt isolated.  Rejection comes without warning, notice, or often times undetected.  To say that being rejected hurts is an understatement.  It does more than hurt.  A stubbed toe hurts, a hangnail... Continue Reading →

Clarity is Like Water

  As a young girl growing up, I remember having this feeling that I needed to please those around me.  Not just the adults in my life, but those who were my peers.  There were many that I called friends, but only a few that were truly my friends.  It took some time for me... Continue Reading →

The Leap

Welcome to Crossed Roads & Crooked Crowns!  This blog has been a journey in the making.  I have been hesitant for several years to even do something like this, but the heavens have been pulling on me hard lately to just tie up these faith laces and leap!  I  hope that as I share with... Continue Reading →

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