Broken Mirrors

If you are like me, then you have gone through many versions of yourself, just to try and find yourself.  As I grew up, I was the only girl other than my grandmother in the house. As of today, I am the last girl to be born in my immediate family!  I was so comfortable... Continue Reading →

The Consequence of Comfort

  We have yet to see what we shall be.  Growth occurs whether we are mentally prepared or not.  There is a certain level of wisdom, understanding, power, and absolution that we obtain in each phase of our growth.  One environment may only be appropriate for your level of development for a season.  As embryos... Continue Reading →

The Residue of Rejection

  I get it.  We all have felt unwanted at some point.  We all have felt like an option, had our hearts broken, and felt isolated.  Rejection comes without warning, notice, or often times undetected.  To say that being rejected hurts is an understatement.  It does more than hurt.  A stubbed toe hurts, a hangnail... Continue Reading →

Clarity is Like Water

  As a young girl growing up, I remember having this feeling that I needed to please those around me.  Not just the adults in my life, but those who were my peers.  There were many that I called friends, but only a few that were truly my friends.  It took some time for me... Continue Reading →

The Leap

Welcome to Crossed Roads & Crooked Crowns!  This blog has been a journey in the making.  I have been hesitant for several years to even do something like this, but the heavens have been pulling on me hard lately to just tie up these faith laces and leap!  I  hope that as I share with... Continue Reading →

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