The Leap

Welcome to Crossed Roads & Crooked Crowns!  This blog has been a journey in the making.  I have been hesitant for several years to even do something like this, but the heavens have been pulling on me hard lately to just tie up these faith laces and leap!  I  hope that as I share with you, that it not only brings comfort in knowing that you are not alone in this life, but that reading and listening to perspectives will also bring clarity.

The name Crossed Roads & Crooked Crowns leapt off of the page of brainstorming ideas like a car flashing lights.  To me, it signifies the places that we have all been, the things we’ve experienced, and how those places and things may have caused our crowns to shift a bit.  We all have a story to tell and one to finish, but we all need someone to help us straighten our crowns.  But perhaps it was never our crowns that shifted, but our posture!  So my friends, it is my prayer that we all begin to continue to cross the roads ahead with faith, understanding, and patience.

Be blessed y’all!

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